Did Facebook or Google Ban you AGAIN?

Today is your Lucky Day!

Every day Advertisers, Affiliates and Platform Lead Providers with grey or black hat ads get banned resulting in losses to their Facebook and Google accounts.  We can help you preserve your accounts!

Secure Safe Pages

Our safe pages for Cloaker are encrypted, and are hard to detect. We take care of them for you! 

How are we different from other CLOAKERS?

We don’t put any code on your websites, we upload your landing pages to our cloud, we make you a unique safe page! Our clients make record ad spend on there ad accounts, try us and find out yourself!


There is no coding required. You get a working most up to-date setup that will generate you the best possible lead count with a much lower lead cost.


We help you and answer all your questions, provide 24/7 worldwide support on Skype and Telegram, and do our best to increase your lead count and conversion rate.